Zorbing – What Are The Different Types One Can Undergo?

Zorbing is a recreational activity in which the participant rolls down a hill inside an inflatable ball. It may be done as an individual or with a group of people, usually through variations of the following methods:· Do it as an individual

You will have to lay down with your back on the floor, then put your head and neck in first and then slip your body in while trying to keep your legs together. The last thing to do is pull up the straps. Once you are seated comfortably inside, ensure that you have both arms free by either pushing them out of the little holes at either side or holding onto handles attached to the netting outside of it.

Do it with a group

A safer way is to have your friends or family join you at the same ball. However, no more than 5 people are advised to join in the same activity to avoid over-inflating the zorb ball and causing injuries. It’s also a great idea to have everyone wear helmets, closed-toed shoes, and clothes that allow one to move quickly once inside.

Detailed description of varieties of zorbing activities you can do

Hydro zorbing:

This is the traditional kind of zorbing. First, you will have to get into the ball and go down a hill. The after part can be done by using a bucket, but if you are looking for something more adventurous, use a water slide and come up from the pool of water instead. You may also opt to do a water trampoline where you jump on the trampoline, which will jump up and down and propel you then into the air.

Indoor zorbing:

  • This is one activity you can do in your home, whether alone or with friends and family.
  • All you will have to do is fill a giant ball with air, then lay on its floor once it’s inflated before sliding yourself through the netting opening into the ball.
  • Once inside, sit tight while the ball rolls around until it has run out of its air and deflates to the ground.

Zero-G Experience:

If you have not tried this yet, now is your chance! This activity allows participants to float above a landscape for a few minutes once they are inside their zorbing ball. First, you will have to get into the ball and put it in the air; then, stay on top of it until the air runs out. Do you ask? It’s all about how high you can go.

Gravity-Defying Zorbing:

This is a variation of zorbing where participants are allowed to ride up a lift or zip line until they reach an elevation that is higher than the average zorbing ground level. Then, they will start jumping off the board and enter into their inflatable ball while still being airborne. If you have never tried this before, it is a good idea that you start zorbing as early as possible since Gravity Defying Zorbing is not an everyday activity.

Zorb football:

This is a version of zorbing where participants are inside the ball while being pushed by a human on a regular football field. This game can also be done with two teams competing against each other to see who will score more goals in the game. Once you buy a zorb ball from kameymall,you can start playing it with your friends or family.

Zorb surfing:

This is another variation of zorbing where participants will be riding on top of a zorb while being pushed by a human in the ocean. In an attempt to avoid getting wet, they will either wear a life jacket or hold onto the handlebars attached to the zorb. This is another fun approach; it can be done indoors and outdoors.

Zorb team tobogganing:

In this variation, you will be inside your zorb while being pushed by a team of human surfers who will push the ball to one side while they are on the other. It’s a game that everybody enjoys especially since nobody has to do anything but lie back, relax and enjoy what’s in front of them! In this, participants not only ride on top of their zorb but also slide down a hill at high speeds as if they were tobogganing.

Zorb racing:

This is for you if you want to be part of the zorbing race. Here, everybody in the zorb will compete against each other to see who will come out first at the bottom of the hill. It is also possible to have several teams competing against each other in a game.


Zorbing is widely practiced in countries. It has become so popular that even celebrities have been spotted with extra pounds due to this activity. However, first-time users must always be advised to go through a safety guide before deciding which activity to perform.

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