World Cup Betting Tips: A Guide for 2022

Some of the most awaited and respected international soccer events odds are those for the FIFA World Cup. 

Qatar will be one of the most fascinating tournaments we’ve seen in a while with names like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, Neymar Jr., and Harry Kane all participating! 

The World Cup odds, how to interpret them, and the sportsbooks with the most aggressive betting markets are all covered in this article.

The FIFA World Cup has seen 21 iterations since it began being staged every four years in 1930. 

We have seen a lot of FIFA World Cup betting odds over the last 90 years, and we want to fully use the enormous variety of games and alternatives available.

Common World Cup of FIFA Betting Options

World Cup betting odds

While a three-way money line is the standard betting structure for soccer, we will only concentrate on the standard moneyline since many bookmakers will not provide a draw option for World Cup soccer betting because each game must have a winner.

Depending on the sportsbook you choose to place your World Cup bets, they could include a draw option if their regulations allow for one after the conclusion of the 90 minutes of normal time. 

We aren’t confident it would be a wise bet to put since this is so very rare and the soccer odds would be enormous; therefore, let’s continue with the two team moneyline.

Your task is to choose which side will win the game straight up after seeing your two moneyline alternatives for both of the teams involved in the match: the favorite and underdog.

Here is an illustration of a moneyline using the 2018 FIFA World Cup championship game:

  • France -225
  • Serbia +165

Croatia is the underdog in this game, with France being the favorite. Given that this game was played in the past and that France won, you would have gained $100 in addition to your original $225 bet if you had backed France. 

If Croatia triumphed and you had staked $100, you would have gained $165 in addition to your original investment.

Spread betting for the World Cup

Spreads are common in professional sports betting, although in soccer they are known as goal line bets rather than point spreads since the sport monitors goals rather than points. 

Due to the often-low scoring in soccer games, the spreads aren’t very wide.

-1.5/+1.5 is a frequent bursa taruhan piala dunia World Cup spread, which denotes that the oddsmakers are giving the underdog an advantage before the game even starts. 

This indicates that the favorite side will need to win by one or more goals, while the underdog must win the game or lose by less than one goal.

If the same teams as above were used, and the World Cup Final spread appeared as follows:

Croatia +1.5 France -1.5

In order for your wager on France to win, they would have to defeat their opponent by two goals (which they did in the 2018 final). 

If you backed Croatia, they had to win by any margin or suffer a defeat by less than one goal for your wager to be successful (which they didn’t).

Totals, Over/Under, or Betting

Betting on totals is the same as betting on any other game in any other sport, including the FIFA World Cup. 

You will wager on whether you believe the aggregate total score for both teams will be greater or lower than the predetermined line established by the oddsmaker.

Since the scoring in soccer is often so much lower than in other professional sports, totals are shown in multiples of.25. Totals like 2.5, 2.75, 3.0, etc. Might be shown.

Given that the final result was 4-2 and the 2018 FIFA World Cup total was set at 5.5, the over would have won (6). You would have lost the bet if you had chosen the under.

Future FIFA World Cup

Numerous bookmakers issue FIFA World Cup futures months or even years before the competition. 

World Cup Futures are wagering choices that include all of the team names and their chances of winning the FIFA World Cup; the teams are rated according to their chances of doing so. 

When the tournament is over and a winner is declared, you may put your bets years or even months in advance and expect to get significant winnings.

Up to the qualifying phase, the odds are often dominated by the previous year’s victor. 

Because you never get the exact same squad again, teams perform quite differently at each World Cup, and there have only ever been two back-to-back winners in the tournament’s history.

Because you’re betting so far in advance, there’s no way to predict how a team will do, so you can always cash out World Cup bets at any moment before the team is eliminated. 

You can cash out your bet if you change your mind about your selected side; you probably won’t receive your whole investment back, but it’s a smart idea to keep part of your bets.

World Cup of FIFA prop bets

You may put a few proposition bets on the World Cup games since sportsbooks won’t think twice about adding additional betting options for such a well-known event. 

Props are enjoyable and original bets made on game-related occurrences that have no bearing on the result or score.

A combination of over/under wagers, yes/no questions, and other props are a few examples of what we could see throughout the event.

World Cup props could include:

  • Group Stage +200 Defeated
  • Round of 16 eliminations plus 200
  • Quarterfinals eliminated +600
  • Semi-Finals eliminated +1200 
  • Finals eliminated +2600 
  • World Cup champion; +6600

Best Sportsbooks Online to Bet on FIFA World Cup Odds

After learning how to bet on the World Cup, you must choose a reliable sportsbook to put your bets. 

Offshore internet sportsbooks are an excellent option if legalised sports betting hasn’t happened in your state yet, or if your state has severe regulations and doesn’t allow mobile betting.

They are practical since you can bet from almost anywhere using your smartphone, and they provide a wide range of odds for the FIFA World Cup that you won’t find at brick-and-mortar or neighborhood sportsbooks. 

Sometimes joining an offshore sportsbook is a smart idea just for the props.

Before registering, check sportsbook reviews and make sure they have all you want before placing a wager on the FIFA World Cup 2022.

FAQs about World Cup betting

Which World Cup betting line is the most popular?

Soccer enthusiasts pay the greatest attention to the overall winner’s odds before the tournament even starts. 

The money line, on the other hand, is the most intriguing/popular betting line once the games begin, in our opinion.

Who has the best chance of winning the 2022 World Cup?

The chances for Brazil to win the 2022 World Cup are fluctuating, but they are now the favorites. 

The other teams that bookies predict will have a decent chance of winning are Argentina, France, and England.

Can I place a live bet on the 2022 World Cup?

The Qatar World Cup is available for live betting on all of the games, and mobile betting applications often have access to it. 

Live soccer betting enables participants to place bets on game outcomes, clear winners, and particular game elements like corners, throw-ins, and times the ball hits the goal post.

Where can I place a wager on World Cup props?

Although there are prop betting options accessible before the event even starts, the greatest markets appear after the knockout round starts. 

A few props for the group stages are also available for keen prop gamblers, like on teams winning every game or teams finishing first in their group.

Is spread betting one of the top possibilities for World Cup wagers?

Spread betting is a highly well-liked betting option that gamers may easily get from top-tier suppliers. 

Although spread betting is less well-known than money line or prop betting, it is nevertheless a fantastic choice and provides something new from the conventional betting lines.

Can you place a World Cup wager via a mobile app?

The majority of websites that handle sports betting have top-notch mobile applications that let customers conveniently access the odds and variety of betting options offered by sportsbooks. 

The absolute winner is one of the most popular bets, and mobile applications undoubtedly provide it.

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