What Are Types Of Custom Woven Blankets

There are so many different types of custom woven blankets it can be hard to know which is right for you. Whether you’re looking for a cozy throw blanket to snuggle up in or need a stadium blanket that will keep you warm during outdoor events, there’s something out there for everyone! Here are some of the most popular types of custom woven blankets out there that you can get from Alibaba:

Types of custom woven blankets

There are many different types of custom woven blankets. Examples include:

  • Striped – This type of blanket is made from a single piece of fabric and has stripes sewn on top of it to create the design.
  • Plaid – This type of blanket is also made from one solid color, but multiple pieces are used to create the plaid pattern you see in it. To do this, each piece must be cut out individually and then sewn together into one large selection that is folded over or stitched at the edges. They can be any length and width you want them to be. But they’re often shorter than regular blankets since they don’t have extra room for tucking under your feet while sleeping!
  • Jacquard – A jacquard weave uses colored yarns instead of threading them directly onto the loom. Each row has its unique pattern based on how many threads were used per inch and their colors.

Throw blankets

They are lightweight, and you can use them as a throw or on the couch, making them versatile for multiple uses. The blanket has many materials, including cotton, polyester, and silk. They’re also available in many fabric patterns to match your decorating style or mood. Throw blankets make great gifts for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday present for Mom or a thank-you gift for your boss. So you’ll always have an opportunity to give someone something special!

Sherpa blankets

Sherpa blankets are soft and warm, perfect for snuggling up with on a cold winter day. They’re made from a blend of polyester and acrylic, which makes them durable and machine washable. If you live in a colder climate, a sherpa blanket is probably the best choice!

Fleece blankets

Fleece blankets are made from synthetic fibers, which means they’re incredibly soft and warm. You can use it as a throw blanket in your living room or bedroom or as a pet bed for your cats and dogs. They are machine washable, so it’s easy to clean them when they get dirty! If you want something that feels like real fur but doesn’t she. Or if you’re vegan or vegetarian, fleece is an excellent option for keeping cozy during cold urdughr weather.

Stadium blankets

Stadium blankets are made from a heavier fabric, such as fleece, and have a more prominent weave. They’re used for sporting events and are often sold with the team logo.

Satin edge blanket

Satin edge blankets are made of 100% polyester and have a satin edge that adds extra comfort and softness. They are great for kids and adults alike because they’re soft and comfortable, making them perfect for sleeping under on cold days. They’re also machine washable. The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your design at Alibaba. If you’re still not sure which custom woven blanket is right for you, don’t worry! We have more options than just these four styles.


So now you know about custom woven blankets, so you will be able to find your desired designs. They are available in many colors, from traditional browns to bolder shades like red or blue.

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