The Easiest Way Of Earning – KuCoin Affiliate Program

Want to earn some more while trading crypto currencies on a cryptocurrency exchange? Come over to Kucoin’s trading platform. On Kucoin, you can browse LUNA pricesexchange rates for BTC/USDT, and a lot more. Kucoin offers its users many benefits, such as exceptional security with the latest technology, several payment methods such as debit, credit, bank transfer, skrill, whatsapp pay, over 500 crypto currencies to trade, and programs to boost earnings; let us delve deeper into how you can earn more through Kucoin’s affiliate program.

What Is Kucoin’s Affiliate Program?

Kucoins affiliate program allows the user to produce a referral link. This referral link is used by the user’s friends when they sign up for crypto trading on Kucoin. After the account is set up, the user will receive a commission on transactions completed by the user’s friend on the platform.

How Much Would I Earn Through Kucoin’s Affiliate Program?

Once a person signs up using a referral link, the user who owns the link gets 40% of the transaction fee on each transaction completed by the new user. Once the affiliate reaches level 2, the commission percentage increases from 40% to 45%.

Another benefit of this program is the sub-affiliate commission. Let us say A makes B an affiliate, and B makes C their own affiliate. A would earn 45% commission on each transaction completed by B and 5% commission on each transaction carried by C, while B would earn 45% commission on each transaction carried out by C.

How To Sign Up For Kucoin’s Affiliate Program?

To sign up for Kucoin’s affiliate program, a user needs to go to their website and go to the affiliate program page

After this, the user must fill out the form after pressing “Apply now.” Afterward, the Kucoin team will contact you and guide you.

When Are Kucoin’s Affiliate Program’s Commission Fees Settled?

Kucoin affiliate program’s commission fees are settled every week. Kucoin also issues commissions every Wednesday to the user’s account.

Can I Earn More Through Kucoin’s Affiliate Program?

Yes, you can earn more through Kucoin’s affiliate program by personalizing your referral link; doing so allows you to change the commission you receive and the discount your friend receives. The default is 40% commission which means your friend receives no discount. Reducing your commission a small bit allows your friend to receive a discount; this makes the program much more appealing to many people, which in turn would generate more money for you. A 20% commission would produce a 20% discount for your friend on their transaction fees, this 50-50 would attract many people to sign up using your referral link while also generating money for you.


Ultimately, Kucoin’s affiliate program is a great way for crypto traders to earn passive income by introducing their friends to an outstanding crypto trading platform. You can also provide them with a discount at the cost of your commission, and this ratio is completely personalizable.

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