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A 12-year-old boy goes to Iraq and Afghanistan Tuya, experiences extreme hardship and trauma. He comes back changed, with a resolute resolve to make a difference. This is the story of Josh, the 12-year-old boy who returns home from war inspired by his experiences and motivated to become a hero by bucking the system. With his brother alongside him as he exited the Iraqi combat zone on November 22nd, 2011, Josh was mentally prepared for what he would experience when he returned home. However, even though his brother was ready to follow in his footsteps and fight for his country, this time it would be him – not some distant relative or friend – who would leave.

What is a boy to do?

Well, the question is put nicely by the way that the author starts his book with, “What was his choice? What was his mission? How did he get there? What is his story? We know he was there, but how? Where is he now? And what will his legacy be? What are his fears? What is his hope? And so much more.”

Josh’s decision to return home

We all have our personal challenges, challenges that we struggle to overcome. But for Josh, his greatest challenge was to remain brave and stand strong through the incredible challenges that awaited him in his new country. After a difficult training period, Josh was quickly made aware that his new country was not like his old country in the Middle East where he had spent his entire life.

Iraq and Afghanistan, back, front and even behind

In Iraq and Afghanistan, Josh met people from a variety of cultures. To his credit, he also managed to accept people from a variety of backgrounds, including many with different aesthetic preferences, as well as a variety of skills. This helped him overcome his initial reluctance to mix cultures and make friends with others who were less than his own [ane].

Going from strength to weakness after leaving

After his return home, Josh went on to experience the full strength and impact of his new country. However, the reality of life in a “new country” was more than he could handle. So after the initial adjustment period, he began to withdraw physically and mentally from the new life he was living.

Rebuilding his confidence after returning home

As time passed and his confidence returned to normal, so too did his self-esteem. While he may not have been the most popular child in his high school, he was certainly accepted for who he was. This was a significant positive for Josh, as it meant that he was able to show his peers that he was capable of being successful on his own.

The journey continues – Part 1: Finding courage in uncertainty

In his second book, Josh follows his path back to his hometown of Bozeman, Montana, to open a shoe repair business. While he is at the shop, he meets a young man who is also in town to visit hisorts. They quickly become friends, and when the war starts, they get drafted. Now, they can no longer stand out as the top-selling shoe repair business in Bozeman. Their situation is desperate, and they are in need of help.

Part 2: Helping others and starting a movement

In his third book, Josh follows his path back to his hometown of Bozeman, where he opens his second shoe repair business, to help other Bozemanans in need. After receiving a kickstart from his joining of the football team, the Bozeman Boys and their supporters form the foundation of his movement to help others like them Businessworldfacts.

Part 3: Going from strength to weakness again

In his fourth book, Josh follows his path back to his hometown of Bozeman, where he is again drafted into the military and goes to war. This time it is in Afghanistan, and he is again sent to Northern Afghanistan to conduct combat assessments for the government.


In the words of the author, “This is the story of a man who returns home from war with a resolute determination to make a difference, to help other boys and men in similar situations, to help restore confidence in the military, and to use his voice against the injustices he witnessed.” The journey to self-awareness is a long and challenging one, filled with plenty of setbacks and miscommunications. In the end, though, Josh is vindicated when he returns home with a clear-headed and determined mindset. From here, he embarks on a journey to better himself, to help others, and to help restore confidence in the military Marketbusinessfacts.

Part 1: Finding courage in uncertainty

In Part 1 of his self-awareness journey, Josh turns his back on the celebrity life he had spent the first two years of his life leading. As a result, he is left with a depressed, withdrawn personality that he carries with him to this day. Thankfully, his peers grew to appreciate and respect his courage when they heard him speak Techlogicagte.