Fat injection (Lipofilling)

as the age increases The warning signs of aging began to be evident on his face. As the cheeks that used to be plump began to answer. Deeper cheek grooves, wrinkles under the eyes, etc., problems that come with age like this are difficult to avoid. and make your confidence deteriorate especially with all the beautiful ladies. If you don’t want to be greeted as an “aunt”, you will lose your confidence even more. Relying on medical methods is also an interesting alternative, such as injections of fillers to fill in such defects is a good way. Or is it another technique that is more popular nowadays, that is lipofilling?

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1.Fat injections can help fill in imperfections not just on the face. but also used to increase the thickness of the subcutaneous layer in other areas of the desired body. Let’s take a brief look at what fat grafting can help fix.

– Solve the problem of flat forehead or dimpled temples By injecting fat to increase the convexity of the forehead or help make the temples fuller

– Solve problems under the eyes, such as deep grooves under the eyes, thin skin under the eyes that is seen as dark spots or blood vessels

– Wrinkles, deep grooves such as wrinkles under the eyes, cheeks, deep cheekbones, wrinkles around the mouth, etc.

– Injection of breast fill in the case of silicone augmentation and see the silicone edge clearly or the breast size is not the same can be corrected by adding extra fat

1.Information should to know before fat grafting (Lipofilling)

As for the fat that is used for injection, it does not belong to anyone else. but belonging to the person who received the treatment himself It can be sucked from many positions in the body, including the abdomen, thighs, hips. Using fat that is your own tissue has advantages. very safe Don’t worry about allergic reactions. More importantly, fat is a living tissue. and contains fat stem cells Thus helping to restore the vitality of the facial skin to be naturally youthful. And will not flow along the surrounding area and cause the skin to harden into lumps as well.

At present, fat grafting techniques have been developed. for better treatment results The doctor will suck the excess fat from the body. using a nozzle with a small hole and use a small suction cylinder or syringe to gently suck up to prevent damage to fat cells. Therefore, the fat obtained is alive and of high quality. After the liposuction puncture is performed, it is only a small wound about 2 mm.

When the fat is obtained, it will be centrifuged. by using techniques to obtain high quality fat and fat to be injected smaller The doctor then injects the fat into the desired location using a small needle.

Fat injections with this new technique Because the fat injected is small, plus the doctor will inject the appropriate layer of skin. make the arrangement of fat in order The skin is smooth, no lumps or wavy skin. Moreover, the high quality and viability of fat cells increases the chances of fat cells becoming attached or surviving. Doctors do not need to inject large amounts of fat as before. where fat storage techniques or centrifugation are not as good as these days. Injecting with a new technique will look plump up close to what you want. and the need for re-injection is also reduced.

Fat grafting with this developed technique reduces tissue injury, bruising and less recovery time. The original fat injection After injection will gradually steady and steady It takes about 3 months, while the latest techniques currently have swelling for about 1 to 2 days and gradually stabilize and settle. It takes about 1 month.

for preparation before fat grafting It’s like preparing for a general surgery. After a fat injection on the face, you must strictly follow the advice of the doctor. In order not to have undesirable complications that follow. and to get the most complete results May need to add fat 1-2 times, depending on the individual


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