Best URL Shortening Sites and Services

URL Shortening is a great way to make Uniform Resource Locators shorter and still direct visitors to the page they want. URL shortening works by redirecting visitors to a new URL that will shorten the long URL. When the visitor clicks on the shortened link, the original URL is still displayed. Here are some of the best URL shortening sites and services to try. We’ll also cover Twitter and zumroad.


As a digital influencer, you may be using social media platforms such as Instagram to promote your business. The problem is that your profile page only has room for a single URL, and this can be frustrating. Instead of creating a unique link for every product or service, zumroad makes a single, ย่อลิงค์ for each of them. Customers can then click on these links to learn more about your business, and they will see a landing page with your bio and contact details.

If you are a business, zumroad is a great way to manage your social media profiles. It is free and has many features, including analytics and custom domains. You can add up to five links to your social bios, and zumroad will shorten each one and provide a single link. Users can also share their links privately, or publicly. Then, if they’d like to track which links are trending, they can opt to have a custom domain or URL for their short URLs.


If you need to share a link on social media, you can use the URL shortening service bitly. Bitly redirects long links and creates short ones. Once shortened, these links can be used in social networks, chat services, and forum discussions. You can even copy the short URL to your clipboard and paste it into a document or email. If you want to track how many times people click your links, you can subscribe to Bitly and use its dashboard and reporting tools to monitor and analyze how many people click them.

The free version of Bitly used to offer a lot, but now it’s hard to recommend it to small businesses. The free account offers analytics for up to 10,000 links per month, but that’s not enough for big businesses. Luckily, you can still customize the back half of your links and track their performance using Bitly’s analytics. But if you’re a small business, Bitly is not worth the investment.


Rebrandly เว็บย่อลิงค์ has a host of useful features. For starters, it lets you track how many clicks your branded short links receive. Using this tool, you can monitor the performance of your branded short links by operating system, country, and device. With just a few clicks, you can measure the ROI of your branded URLs and improve your marketing efforts. To learn more, check out the Rebrandly review below.

Rebrandly’s link management features are particularly useful for webmasters and marketers. In addition to shortening your links, you can set up redirects and edit links to increase click-through rates. Other useful features include mobile deep linking, 301 SEO redirects, and 404 redirect management. Additionally, you can add retargeting scripts to your branded links, and set up traffic routing. All this is done with a single click.


The growing popularity of microblogging site Twitter has made Short URL tools more popular. This is bad news for users who don’t know where their links lead, and they often click on them without checking what’s behind them. Often, malicious authors use shortened URLs to distribute misleading applications, leading users to malicious code. However, this method of spreading malicious code is not limited to twitter. Malware developers also exploit the popularity of URL-shortening tools to distribute malicious applications.


TinyURL is the original URL shortener on Twitter. This website is simple and effective, guaranteeing a short link that won’t expire or break when posted to email. All users have to do is paste their link, choose an alias, and copy the shortened URL. However, there are no analytics or tracking tools available for this website, which is a downside. Instead, it’s a good option if you don’t care about analytics.

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