Best Practices for Social Customer Service

As companies increasingly rely on social media to communicate with customers, the best way to provide helpful support is to listen to what they have to say. Social listening can help identify frequently asked questions and identify trends in consumer behavior. Companies can then implement a response strategy and automate processes. This can save both time and money, and can also improve the overall quality of customer service. The following are some tips for social customer service best practices.

First, determine how often your company’s customers post on social media. Is it rare for your company to respond to social media queries? If so, you may not need to dedicate an entire team to social customer service. If you receive only occasional requests, you may want to have one or two social media reps to monitor the channel. But if your customers are more frequent, you might want to dedicate a whole team to responding to their questions and concerns.

Second, avoid sarcasm and humor. Although social media isn’t the place for sarcasm or humor, you can show a human side by using emojis and GIFs. Also, don’t be afraid to use personal information, even if it’s sensitive. Make sure your customers know how to contact you privately. If necessary, offer a phone number for customers to contact you through direct message.

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