Ben Cohen Gives the Scoop on Why Grape Flavoured Ice Cream Doesn’t Exist

In the US, we can find all sorts of grape-flavored products from drinks to jellies to medicines, but when it comes to ice cream, it’s a different story. Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s, has given us the scoop on why grape flavoured ice cream doesn’t exist. Here are his reasons. Grape flavoured ice cream is a high-risk venture, whereas cherry flavoured ice cream is low-risk.

One reason why grapes don’t work with ice cream is because grapes contain a high water content. Because of this, grape ice cream is likely to freeze. A good way to overcome this issue is to puree the fruit beforehand and freeze it in a separate container. However, large batches are more difficult to produce without ice, which is why grape flavoured ice cream isn’t common.

It’s not impossible to make grape flavoured ice cream, but there is a big problem. First of all, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has banned the product in the United States. Secondly, grape ice cream is illegal in most countries. You won’t find it in the grocery store either. Moreover, it’s also illegal to make it in the EU and Canada. So, if you’re wondering why grape flavoured ice cream is illegal, consider this:

A lot of people wonder, “Why isn’t it possible to make grape flavoured ice-cream?” The answer may surprise you. It’s not impossible to make grape flavoured ice cream – just because it’s so uncommon! However, the process involves using grape juice, jam, and concentrate. The result will probably be a granita, which is thicker than traditional ice cream.

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