A Close Friends Video of Hitman Holla and Cinnamon Goes Viral on Twitter

A video featuring hitman Holla and his girlfriend Cinnamon has gone viral on Twitter. The rapper posted the video through Snapchat’s stories but later it surfaced on other social media platforms. Fans of both rappers are freaking out over the video, which they claim was made by the hitman himself. The rapper’s sexy video has already gone viral on Twitter. Snapchat users can choose which friends are on their ‘close friends’ list.

The popular rapper, also known as Hitman Holla, has been in the public eye since he appeared on Wild ‘n Out season six. He has also appeared on several television shows, including Fight Klub and Battle America. Cinnamon, meanwhile, is an entrepreneur and a social media influencer. The duo has two businesses, a clothing line and an online magazine. Their Instagram accounts are filled with pictures of their daily lives.

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A video of the two kissing went viral on the internet this week. Cinnamon had recently been the victim of a terrifying home break-in. The two were FaceTiming before the burglars broke into her home. The Hitman was out of town when his girlfriend was shot in the back of the head. Although Cinnamon did not sustain major injuries, she did receive stitches in her cheek.

The couple is now back in the headlines. The video has gone viral on social media, despite not having an official response from the rapper or his girlfriend. The hitman, who first gained fame on the game show Wild ‘n Out, is dating the social media influencer Cinnamon. The video was shared by a friend of Cinnamon’s on Snapchat. While fans are reacting furiously to the video, the rapper has been unable to respond to the allegations he’s been making.

A Close Friends Video of Hitman Holla and Cinnamon Goes Viral on Twitter

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