5 Reasons to Shop Magnetic Screen Doors from Everlasting Comfort

On a nice day, it seems as if all anyone collectively wants to do is open all their windows at home and let the breeze in. The things that they don’t want to let in with it? Bugs, pollen, and nature. Screen doors can be an excellent way to counteract this, but in many cases, they are expensive to install and not convenient for pets or children to let themselves out and inside easily. Installing a Magnetic Screen from Everlasting Comfort is the perfect four-season friendly alternative. This magnetic screen door fits in your doorway and opens and closes like magic. The middle seam attaches magnetically to keep the retractable screen door closed. When you walk through it, it immediately closes behind you due to the magnetic forces. It is made of fine mesh which keeps all outdoor irritants out while remaining see-through so you can see everything that’s happening in your backyard without difficulty. This magnetic screen gives you the benefit of a home full of fresh outside air and helps you avoid the hassles that many other cheap screens or traditional screen doors run into. Here are five reasons that the magnetic screen door from Everlasting Comfort is just better.

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  1. It has strong magnets. Whereas other magnetic screen doors usually only have anywhere between 10-18 cheap magnets to latch the screen, the one from Everlasting Comfort has 26 strong magnets. This eliminates the frustration of the door being flimsy and never fully latching behind you.
  2. It requires no hands for entry. Other magnetic screen doors require manual operation to open, but thankfully with this screen you can walk through with no hands or finagling required. This comes in particularly handy on days when your hands are full of groceries, you’re carrying a large plate of steaks outside the deck to the grill, or you have a child or four-legged pet in your arms.
  3. It doesn’t tear easily. This magnetic screen is made up of heavy-duty mesh, and it’s ideal for year-round use.​​ The heavy-duty mesh and reinforced edges are made to withstand year-round elements and use. It’s also not made of flimsy screen that is easily punctured or torn by wear or tear. It’s kid-friendly. It has a lifetime replacement warranty because it is made to not tear or deteriorate in any form.
  4. It’s quick and easy to install. While other screen doors might require hiring professional installation help, in a practically instant install process, this magnetic screen door comes with easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions. The setup is a 4 step process where you clean the door frame, lay the screen flat and attach the magnets, hold the edge of the screen to the top of the door frame, and use the thumbtacks or the hook and loop tape to adhere to the door frame. Additionally, the kit comes with black metal thumbtacks and hook and loop backing. It also comes with video instructions for installation.
  5. It’s pet friendly. This product is perfect for homes that are built without a doggy door. The beauty of the Everlasting Comfort magnetic door is that you don’t have to keep getting up and down to let your pup in and out. With the durable magnetic screen, they are able to easily push through it, and it closes right behind them. So many dog owners have left reviews saying how pleased they are with how their dogs big to small are able to independently use it, and not mess it up.

In general, the reviews speak for themselves for this product. The Everlasting Comfort magnetic screen door is so clearly tiers above the as-seen-on-tv versions of these products which according to the reviews are entirely flimsy and don’t work well at all. In theory, the idea of a magnetic screen door is absolutely perfect for any day that is pleasant outside, so it’s exciting that there’s a product out there that is quality enough to make all of our breezy dream days practical and doable. The additional beauty of this magnetic screen is that it can work in so many different spaces! Whether it’s your balcony door, sliding patio door, front door, or even RV door, it is a multi-purpose, multi-use product that is sure to improve your indoor/outdoor living days when the weather is pleasant. With best-selling rankings and a shockingly affordable price tag of under $25, this magnetic screen is sure to be a great fit for everyone in your family.

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